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I would not trust this company. I called and spoke to a customer service representative and told her that one of the springs had broken on my garage door. She said that would generally run $150, but couldn't guarantee that, which I completely understand. She they said it would be $60 for the trip if I chose not to go with their company to fix my garage door. I later realized why that was mentioned. When the service guys showed up, they immediately said they would not fix just the one spring because it was unsafe for them to do that. They also mentioned they would do a 24 point inspection and give me a quote. Immediately, I realized that I was being taken advantage of. The person on the phone told me that it would be approximately $150 for the one spring and the service guy said they don't even do one spring without the other. Awhile later, I got quotes of $555, $600, and $800 for them to replace wheels and clean this and that. I completely understand that every product and service has a price and I am willing to pay for the products and services I receive. However, these folks were called to my home under a completely different expectation of cost. I would advise anyone I know to avoid this company. Trust is one of the most important things a company can have with their customers. Based on the lack of integrity shown in my interaction, I have no trust in this company.
Reid Charpentier
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Garage Door Repair